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Experience the magic of Christmas in this heartwarming anthology featuring ten talented authors, as they weave enchanting tales of clean and Christian romance. Delight in the spirit of the season, where love, faith, and miracles come together to create unforgettable holiday moments.

These ten clean and Christian romances from authors Eliza Boyd, Aminata Coote, Kaitlene Dee, Corilyn Holloway, Gayle M. Irwin, Rosanne E. Lortz, Linda Shenton Matchett, Karly Stratford, Kristy Tate, and Sharon D. Tweet.

The stories include small towns & distant lands, grumps & sunshines, animal rescues & single dads plus so much more.

The best part is that all the proceeds will be donated to a life pregnancy center.

Corilyn's story is the start of a brand-new series...

Come back in time to the small European kingdom of Durma where love, valor, and faith can bridge any troubled waters.

Her father’s misdeeds have sent Jeanette into hiding but a job as governess might be the one thing to save both her life and her reputation from the dangers of the streets. Richard is a lonely widower who only seeks someone to take care of his little girl so that he may continue ignoring her and the pain of her mother’s death.

Can the wonder of a child and the magic of Christmas open both their eyes to the blessing of love?

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